Did Ofsted Read Overmark?

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Despite the fact we heard many of you say "if Ofsted want to know what we think, give them a copy of Overmark," we wonder if they actually read it?
In the 6th Form section of the Ofsted report; under the subsection entitled "Pupil's attitudes, values and other personal qualities" it says "Recently the students have initiated a school magazine which is developing and improving rapidly," before we jump to conclusions we have to remember that another issue does exist despite the fact their issues seem to be few and far between.

From what little we actually know of our 'rival' paper we don't think they were 'Student Initiated'; as the head of English is ultimately responsible for the paper, and although it is edited by year 12s much of its team is year 7 - 8 NOT 6th form as the Ofsted report would suggest.

It would be interesting to know if they actually read our paper, and if they actually took any notice of our 'Investigating Ofsted' article, unfortunately we will never be able to find out and can only guess...