Ofsted Uncut: We Reveal The Rest Of The Report!

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Well seeing as youe probably heard all the good things OFSTED have to say about our school, we decided that it was only fair to point out all the negative things they said! Wee subdivided all of the interesting points into categories for easy reading.

Not all teachers follow the school's clear guidance on the correction of spelling and punctuation.
A rather ironic comment really seeing as we found at least one grammatical error in their document!

Teachers tend to talk too much.
Ofsted's ability to make somewhat understated comments seems only a smidgen better than ours.

Nearly all teachers have good qualifications
Nearly? The fact that some don't is concerning!

A lack of music facilities] prevents potentially talented pupils from doing as well as they could.
In all fairness the school is sorting this with its new music block, but according to Ofsted work will take place n the next month(i.e. January / February), but there is currently no sign of this!

An area was identified during a fire evacuation where people could not get away quickly enough.
Now this is a serious concern, we can reveal that they are talking about the 'Upper' entrance to the tennis courts, we suggest the installation of a larger gate in the fence.

The lack of some resources, such as storage and technical support, has an adverse effect upon the students experience.
To be more specific they are talking about the Art and Music departments need to technical support for the AppleTalk networks, and about the lack of storage in the Art department.

The way that lunchtime lunchtimes are organised is poor
This is something we at Overmark is particularly prominent in the general school lives of pupils. Ofsted go on to say

Younger pupils find the queues intimidating and overwhelming

and that

The supply of food runs out quickly leaving pupils with little or no choice

Ofsted conclude that

Arrangements could be improved considerably.
To combat this Ofsted suggest staggered lunchtimes we believe would help significantly. In fairness we should also point out that the school has now placed senior staff on 'Lunchtime Duty' around the dinner queues - but will this be enough?

Ofsted say; the replies to the questionnaire indicate that the students themselves do not feel that there is a good range of enrichment courses and worthwhile activities. However they respond to this by saying:

The inspectors judge that their criticisms of the range of enrichment activities, and the support they receive are not justified.
But, there evidence for this seems to be:

hotly contested inter-form scrabble competitions
Which, no disrespect to anyone involved, we suggest is not everybody's idea of a worthwhile activity

The pupils overwhelmingly express positive views of the school
Well what can I say?

To meet statutory requirements [the school must] provide a daily act of collective worship
This is an interesting point, as in Ofsted previous inspection in 1997 they said:

Although revised arrangements have been introduced for collective worship and assemblies these still fail to meet statutory requirements
Which means that in the report previous to that, we we believe happened in 1991 the school wasn't providing adequate assemblies, which means this has been a problem for more than 12 years, and still the school has done nothing about it! According to Ofsted:

The school does not have sufficiently large spaces to offer a full programme of year group assemblies, and has not developed sufficiently adequate alternative arrangements.
Remember the school has had over 12 years to sort this out, we ask what the problem with space is anyway? The Hall can hold 3 years, the drama studio and library can hold a year each and there are two gyms each capable of seating approximately two year groups, that five year individual assemblies at once, and the 6th form have a common room for each year. The prospectus being given out at the open evenings in 2003 had photos of current year 11 students when they were in year 7; the prospectus was produced when Mr Decker joined the school!

So do you think this is a more accurate picture of our school? Just remember some of the quotes we have from teachers before Ofsted arrived:

And of course we couldn possibly do normal lessons next week, what with Ofsted being here (Anon Teacher)

If you know the answer put up your left hand, if you don put up your right. That way you all look more clever and I look like a better teacher
(Anon Teacher)