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Well following the capture of one of our lead reporters the school has been showing some resistance to our paper, following our controversial Good-Teacher-Bad-Teacher story in the February Issue. The school claimed our paper was operating illegally by firstly violating the data protection act and secondly by violating publishing laws as we chose to remain anonymous. The school said that by allowing us to continue they were leaving themselves open to prosecution... and that we ourselves were also liable.
The school said that if the website was not shut down, or if a third issue was produced the year 11 reporter would face severe persecution, including possibly not being allowed to stay on for 6th form or given a good reference. At this stage we decided we had to back down, or at least appease because we could not compromise someone's school life over this. The reporter in question resigned from active duties, and now remains as our school contact.

In order to appease we removed all specific names from our website; we were not going to shut it down as the school cannot claim to have authority over the internet. Now we have arranged a long-term solution; before each issue is produced the school checks it for libellous or factually incorrect information. We wish to point out this is NOT censorship, we are assured that nothing will be left out simply because the Core Team disapprove of our journalism.

Hopefully this means we can move on and continue informing you of the truth about our school free from persecution and fear of reprisal. We also hope this means we can continue our anonymity without having to worry about the school tracking down our other reporters and members.

We would also like to point out that our 'censorship' does NOT extend to this website; here we publish want we like without any restrictions. As a matter of interest nothing in our February issue was censored we received only factual information as a result of our meetings with Mr Moore.