Uniform: Is There An Alternative?

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In our previous issues we have explored how our school deals with uniform, and the idea of abolishing uniform completely. In this Issue we want to put forward the last alternative; a better uniform. We also want to know what you think, we have placed a survey on our website so we can find out what YOU think should be done about uniform at our beloved school.
Do you hate our school uniform? Perhaps you would be happier with one similar to that in other local schools? Maybe you have your own ideas about what our uniform should be like? In this brief article we aim to present some alternatives to abolishing uniform completely.

The first alternative we see is to adopt a less formal uniform, something like the Howard uniform for the boys and a Rainham Girls uniform for the girls (unsurprisingly, unless anyone has any objections?) The advantages of this would be that there is no blazer, however is it really enough of a change to be worthwhile?

Secondly we could introduce a uniform similar to that which we wore in primary school, for example St. John Fisher school do this; and Upbury Manor Arts College have something similar. Although this may at first seem more appealing we think it makes pupils look younger and more immature (and how would you distinguish between year 7s and year 2s?)

Another suggestion is that we could take a massive step and create a modern stylish uniform that people wouldn't mind wearing. Our immediate thoughts were for a jeans and light shirt for boys and skirt / jeans with blouse for girls; although it could be literally anything. This kind of uniform would allow us more individuality as well as being more comfortable and more likable. The main problem with this idea is that whatever the uniform was there would still be people who didn approve and perhaps liked it even less than they did do the current uniform. Another problem is that if a fashionable uniform was adopted it would have to be changed on a regular basis which would be both expensive and unpractical (one classic example of this was the 0ld uniform for girls at RMGS (then Gillingham Tech), ask your parents; they may remember the batgirl cape!).

Then there is of course the other obvious option; abolish uniform completely. We discussed this issue in great depth in the last issue (if you missed it you can still read it online) but in summary we ask if it works for 6th form then it should work for Lower School too; on the other hand there would inevitably be problems with bullying and complaints.