Fancy Being Paid To Attend School?

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Sound cool? Well that exactly what's happening in schools in Manchester. It's all part of the battle against truancy, over 50,000 of us bunk each day. The idea is that all pupils are put into a draw, and at the end of the week six pupils are drawn out, and each given a cash prize. However, if one of the pupils drawn is a truant then nobody gets any prize that week.
The scheme is called Be There Bonus; and on the surface seems like a brilliant idea, rewarding pupils for coming to school. But the fact remains that many pupils bunk school for a reason and even a monetary reward may not be enough to tempt them back. The idea is that peer-pressure will encourage those who skive not to, however without wanting to sound stereotypical those who skive most are those who don really care about what other people think or those who are experiencing bullying and are too scared to come to school.

So should we introduce a similar scheme here? Being a grammar school we do have less of a problem than other local schools. However on the other hand if it is introduced in other local schools it wouldn't be fair for it not to be introduced here.

The government has proposed many schemes similar to this over the years; including the idea of paying students to attend sixth form (bit ironic now seeing as theye only going to take it away in University fees.) So should we be paid for attending school all the time? The government want more of us to attend higher education, maybe this would be a good incentive. What do you think? Would paying us be a good incentive for attending school or a pointless waste of government resources?

So will the scheme be effective? The proof will be in the metaphorical pudding and we will keep you up to date with how the scheme affects truancy levels and if there is any move to introduce it here. We'll keep you up to date as ever.