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We hosted a unique survey into what you thought should be done about uniform at RMGS; here are the results:
* Option 1: Abolish uniform completely: 32% of our vote.
* Option 2: Adopt a asual Uniform 36% of our vote.
* Option 3: Adopt a rimary Schooluniform: 4% of our vote
* Option 4: Abolish the blazer: 20% of our vote.
* Option 5: Continue as we are: 4% of our vote.

So; conclusions; the vote is not as clear cut as it was on our last hot topic (red cards), however it does strongly indicate that most pupils are dissatisfied with our uniform as it is. The most popular choice was the casual uniform; an idea we suggested as a way of allowing individuality through a flexible uniform, whilst maintaining order and respectability. We did also find flaws with this idea; mostly the idea that what is fashionable now is not necessarily going to be fashionable in a few years time. A prime example of this was the
uniform at RMGS (then Gillingham Tech.) back in the 70s & 80s when girls wore a flowery blouse and cape! One solution to this problem would be having a uniform which changed regularly, maybe yearly. However this would be unpopular with the parents footing the clothes bill!

So what will become of this research? We hope the school management will consider it seriously and although they are legally required to enforce a uniform there would be nothing to stop them taking a ground-breaking move and giving us a pupil-friendly uniform.

The survey will remain online until the next issue and you can always vote by text, we will keep you updated as the statistics change!