Healthy Eating Bites Back?

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Well as you probably know no black fizzy drinks are now sold in the refectory; if this is really a move towards healthier living why is it that they still sell Fanta and Sprite which contain more sugar than diet Coke. In fact why sell Ribena? We looked and a bottle of Ribena contains 70g of sugar (thats about 14%) whereas diet Coke contains only a trace of sugar (that less than 0.5g).
If its caffeine and E-Numbers theye concerned about, colourings such as those in Ribena and especially in yellow or orange Ribena or Fanta, are just as bad, if not worse than those in Coke, and there is Caffeine-Free Coke available.

But let not pretend that Coke is healthy, and we do support a move to sell water at the vending machines; but at 80p a bottle is it worth it? We also disapprove of the hypocrisy of banning Coke whilst continuing to sell other, even more unhealthy drinks.

On the other hand; experts predict more of us will die from heart disease and other dietary conditions than ever before. With the rise of junk food, our generations is already experiencing the highest rate yet of child obesity. As a nation something has to be done but is selling Ribena really the answer?

We see the same kind of hypocrisy with the food as well. Not only do the vending machines still sell crisps and chocolates, but in the canteen they still sell chips and burgers at break although you cannot buy chips every lunchtime. So are the motives for selling healthy food really that transparent? By remaining Healthy Eating the school will get a cash bonus under a Government initiative - so in a roundabout way they are doing it for us, but if the motives are wrong is our health really going to benefit?