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Our beloved Rainham Mark Grammar School has, as well as receiving a shining Ofsted report, been awarded two prestigious statuses. But what do they actually mean, and what effect will they have on us, the student body?
It's all bureaucracy, if we need money it should be there, we shouldn have to apply for an award
(anon pupil)

Sports Mark Status

This new feather in the school cap is, it seems, rather like that of a pigeon in that it is not especially difficult to obtain as although the school has somewhat pitiful sports facilities, it has still been given to us. According to Mr Moore quite a lot was done to improve the PE facilities but apart from increased storage space we have seen very little physical change. Although it makes us centre of sporting excellence in the region it is necessary for us to point out that many local schools have two or more parks. We will, however, receive some extra funding, which will hopefully be used to correct the insufficient resources in the PE department and contribute towards funding for a new sports hall.

Science College

As you have undoubtedly been aware, the school has now been awarded this far more valuable status which, we are told, will give us much more money to use in advancing all areas of the curriculum and will allow us to set up a new quipment library to enable less fortunate primary schools to use sophisticated equipment for free - how charitable are we? Overmark, however, would like to ask whether the scheme, in which the school must raise in excess of £50,000 to become eligible, is entirely based upon our high standards or our ability to hold PTFA jumble-sales?

So, a New Name?

As you may be aware, Upbury Manor School is, in light of its receipt of Arts College status, now known as Upbury Arts College and that the Sir Joseph Williamson Mathematical School has a Maths Mark. Does this mean that we will soon be called RMSC? We raised this idea in our last issue, and since then Mr Moore has said to us that there are definitely no plans to change the school's name.