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As the weather turns, we've decided to highlight this story from our archives discussing Sixth Form uniform, in particular the idea that boys cannot wear shorts, while girls can wear skirts. This issue was brought to our attention by a Sixth Form reader.
Pupils lower down the school may not have even been aware that the sixth form (boys) are not allowed to wear shorts to school. This seems strange to us because 20 years ago the school uniform had shorts as compulsory!

Here at Overmark we can see no logical reason why boys should not be able to wear shorts - girls can wear skirts (as long as they are not too short) but not boys. In PE boys wear shorts, as do girls. So why not in normal school? The school classes them as beach wear and therefore not appropriate for school, but why is showing legs allowed for girls but not boys?

Several arguments have been given as to why shorts are not permissible, these include the fact that they are not smart enough, and the fact that if they are too short, then unwanted flesh may be exposed. As we see it, this is something which we just have to be trusted with. Perhaps there could be a rule applying to both boys and girls with a minimum length for leg-wear.

We have been made aware that a petition may be circulating shortly, and advise you to make your opinions known on that.

Update! 24th March:
On the last day of term, a notice was displayed in the Sixth Form block calling on boys to use their right to wear skirts to school. The notice explained that shorts and three-quarter lengths were banned, technically for both boys and girls (despite the fact girls get away with wearing them), skirts were not banned - for either gender.

Overmark supports any campaign to promote equality, and would be happy to help however it can if the poster of this notice would like to make themselves known to us. Dr Akehurst removed the notice by 9:00, commenting that it was inappropriate (and accusing Overmark of being responsible for it - which we were not!).

We can accept that there are reasons for not being allowed to wear shorts, which are that they are not smart enough, and reveal unsightly hairy legs. However, if girls can wear skirts, and get away with wearing shorts ? why not the boys too? One teacher was said to have explained the rule was because no-one wanted to see boys? hairy legs, and as a result of that comment several year 12?s have now shaved their legs.

We think its only fair that if girls can show their legs, boys can too ? lets face it, which is smarter? boys wearing shorts or skirts?