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Well, we took the latest issue of "Inside Mark" (thats the official school newpaper) and we've summarised everything useful or interesting we felt it had to say (and it all fits on this one page). We work through the stories, one at a time going from top left to bottom right:
We point out the purpose of this feature is not to shame those who are responsible for Inside Mark, rather to show constructive critisism of our 'rival' (using the term in its loosest possible sense) paper.

1. "Richardson Wins Scrabble 2004"

Well, congratulations Robert Richardson who won the scrabble tournament, but was this really headline news? Everybody knew somebody was going to win the tournament ... It would seem the sixth formers have gone off Scrabble after the graffiti in on their notice board (Sign reads "Enter Scrabble tournament, what have you got to lose?", graffiti reads "my pride".)

2. Holiday Hike

Pupils did their silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh awards.

3. New Ofsted Proposal

As we reported quickly in our News In Brief. However we see one break in the logic of the author of the piece ... "Autumn figures from 2002-2003" - What? Autumn 2002, Autumn 2003 or Figures released in Autumn concerning 2002-2003. Which was meant?

It then goes on to say "the number of schools failing has increased by 10%. This means teachers are having to work harder than ever to try and live up to the new tougher regime." We ask WHY? Firstly what new regime is meant? Teaching practices are updated each year but there has been no new significant changes... and even so why does more schools failing mean teachers are working harder? Surely its the other way around if anything!

4. Poetry Trip Deemed A Success

This happened on the 9th of February!!! Inside mark has had an issue released since then, and Overmark has has three since then! Even if we ignore the lateness of the article, there are lots of trips going on at RMGS - did we really need an in-depth analysis of one? (unsurprisingly an English trip (given who's in charge of Inside Mark))

Also we question the phrase "selected few", the poetry trip was open to everyone in year 11 on a first-come-first-serve basis. And even then not all the places were taken!

5. Random Drug Tests at RMGS?

This is an issue we reported in our March issue when the topic was gaining much media attention. The Inside mark article says "pupils in Kent could be the first in Britain to be randomly tested for drugs". This is wrong ... as we reported pupils in some South-East schools are already being subjected to random drug tests. The other error in the article concerns "pupils can only be tested once they have given their consent" this also is wrong. if you are under 16 it is not your choice but your parents.

6. Chaucer Brought To Life!

Another write-up of another English trip, deja-vu?

7. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Horstrup!

A write-up of a wedding? No disrespect to the newlyweds but did we really want to know all this?

8. Year 9 Netball Fundraisers

Well done year 9 for showing some initiative, unlike a certain newspaper.

9. "Sweet and Beautiful"

A visit by someone for the English department. Call me a cynic but anyone might think this paper was about the English department rather than the school.

10. Back on their Feet

"last night" - When was last night? If you look closely you can even see where the proof-reader has circled the error. Without knowing when this actually happened (given than it could be anywhere between February 6th and May 8th) the story is pretty meaningless.

11. Trinity Having A Ball

Well, as we reported in our February edition Trinity enterprises hosted their St. Valentine's Ball. (and for the record they've put the apostrophe in the wrong place, its St. Valentine's Ball NOT St. Valentines' ball because both the ball and the saint are singular.)