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Medway has just received the largest launch of a fleet of buses the UK has ever seen, with 61 brand new buses and 40 refurbished buses all being launched on the same day, Monday 14th June.
Rather ironically in our case all buses laid on for schools will as of now be painted yellow. Some schools such as the Hundred of Hoo receive free bus services for all pupils; because the school serves many pupils who live a long way away (on the Hoo Peninsula).

We've been going on until we're blue in the face about the yellow American buses, but it seems the scheme still hasn got the green light. After nearly a year there is no sign of the shiny new buses, instead we are still relying on a temporary solution, which is, let's face it, not brilliant. It is however worth pointing out that this humungous muck-up is not the fault of our beloved school, but rather Medway Council.

Overmark suggests that if the Government wants to lower road-usage they should subsidise free bus travel for travelling to and from school for all pupils, to solve all the bus problems.