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OMDB uses a subset of the standard UBB style codes. Currently they only work for the body of articles, not the summaries (summaries should only be short plain text anyway)

Silly stories don't get published, nor do personal attacks, updates on who's going out with who, or other things that really don't matter. We're a non-fiction paper (although satire is good, so long as it's funny and obviously linked to current events) - for something to get published it should be something that people in general care about, not just you and a couple of friends.

Please try and spell when writing, and use proper grammar. Txt tlk, 1337, and chav slang are almost certain to get your story binned.

If the story is very small (one paragraph, less than 5 lines, no style tags), stick it in the "Summary" box and leave the "whole story" box empty.

If you have any special requirements or requests for the editors to look at, put it in the "notes" box

Style Codes

Take out the spaces when you use them - they're just added in here so that the styler breaks, so you can see them rather than them being used

[ b] bold [/ b]
For loudness (caps lock is ugly, avoid it)

[ i] italic [/ i]
For stressing words

[ q]
block quote
[/ q]
For large quotes

[ img foo.png]
Include the image foo.png

[ url] a link [/ url]
link to a web site, show the text "a link" - to link to stories use "story.php?id=" then the story's ID number. To link to uploaded files use "./files/filename.ext"

[ hr]Horizontal Ruler