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The votes are in, and after perhaps a disappointingly low number of votes (which perhaps speaks for itself in saying that assemblies really aren that important to you) we are pleased to bring you the results.
Quite interestingly the values are normally distributed, with somewhere around weekly being the average.

What these results show is firstly that you too do not agree with the frankly ludicrous regulation that we should all be participating in a daily act of worship, but secondly it shows that the amount of assemblies you are getting (2-4 a week depending on year group) is about right, if perhaps still a little too frequent.

The results also show that you, our readers, are intelligent enough to have realised that stopping assemblies altogether isn such a good idea.

So now you the readers have spoken, let see if the school responds by making any changes to the assembly rota next year? Sounds rather Big Brotherish don't you think? The viewers have spoken, will the teachers abide by the findings? Only our school teachers (hopefully) don't engage in drunken brawls in staff meetings!