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Overmark's history has been quite turbulent, to put things nicely...
December 2003: Our first issue, in which we criticised the way that OFSTED inspectors gave several weeks notice to schools; We saw that as soon as schools recieved notice they would drop all educational activities and start work on superficial things, which would then be gone again when the inspectors left. As pupils who actually wanted an education we took offence at this, and our response was this paper.

January 2004: One of our main reporters was caught, and threatened with expulsion unless he stopped working on the paper. He resigned from active duty, but remained as the official contact between the school and Overmark's editors.

January 2004: Overmark's first ban - we managed to get around it by agreeing on the compromise that we could print the paper, if the school could censor it.

January - August 2004: The paper runs, with our contact and the school's contact managing to happily compromise on what could be put in. However, some teachers refuse to allow us peace; they insisted on removing the paper from the school, even taking it out of the hands of pupils who were reading it!

September 2004: Some of the school's teachers found something on our website offensive, which prompted them to shut down the paper entirely. We were given the option to continue if we gave up anonymity, but we deemed this unacceptable, for reasons discussed elsewhere. With the only options left being to stop production or to have our contact once again threatened with expulsion, we are now placed in a very difficult position...

October 2004: Overmark is officially banned from producing or distributing its newspaper on School premesis.

December 2004: Our First Birthday! More attempts to get ourselves unbanned fail miserably. The school still won't allow us to operate anonymously. Offically, the word is still that distributing Overmark is against school rules. That dosn't stop us maintaining a website.

April 2005: The school decides to try and scare readers away by interrogating those who visit the site at school, but still hasn't banned our website.

Summer 2005: Overmark begins negotiations to un-ban the newspaper in return for a compromise on anonymity.

Summer 2006: A whole year had gone by with little change, we kept the site updated with the usual stories. That is, until May 26th when we just had to release another issue, it had been too long! We went against all the rules, and as part of a whole series of last day stunts we released an issue in honour of our year 13 directors who were leaving. Over the summer editorial control will pass over to other students further down the school, with all the original founding members having left by then.

The Future: This site will live on and is regularly updated. You can help our cause by printing and displaying posters (of course not in school, that would be very naughty), found in PDF Things. Whatever happens, we have no intention of giving up.