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Those of you in year 7 probably don't know about us, so let's introduce ourselves...
Hello! We here are, by public opinion, the best student newspaper within the whole of Rainham Mark Grammar! (But then, look at the competition... what? there is none?) Having published our first issue roughly this time last year, strangely coinciding with Ofsted's visit, our chief aim is the promote the knowledge of THE TRUTH within all members of the school - rather than printing what the school wants us to print, we went out and asked the pupils what THEY wanted. We've covered current school-related political issues such as drug tests, equality within the school system, and have involved our readers on many occaisions with online, interactive polls. Through all of this we have strived to maintain an unbiased view of the school, giving both high praise and constructive criticism.

And yet, despite all our good, selfless works (we are eternally anonymous), we have been labelled as "anti-school propaganda" and have, in recent times and completely unprovoked, been indefinitely banned from producing and distributing any more printed issues. Yes, it's wholly wrong, we know.

However, this does not mean that we cannot use our most favouritest medium - the Internet! So here we are, the Overmark website, for you, by you. Submit a story, vote in a poll, join our mailing list; we at Overmark are committed to giving you a voice without a name!

Long live the truth!

The Overmark Team