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A roundup of news over the summer
Prefects Elected

In the closing weeks of school the results of the prefects vote was announced. As you probably know the prefects are elected by the sixth form and teachers, with a teacher's vote counting for more than a pupil's vote. The team of new prefects will begin work in September, with duties such as aiding lower-school pupils, showing visitors around the school, and of course the mandatory Rock 'n' Roll Show performance.

The two prefects who received the most votes (that is to say the boy and the girl with most votes) went on to become Head Boy and Girl. A rather antiquated tradition which apart from looking good on a CV actually has very few privileges. The positions of Head Boy and Girl are supposedly democratically decided through the election of prefects, however this year as every other there are doubts about how much of the decision came down to He Who Must Be Obeyed.....

Building Work

According to the school we should see the new music block appearing over the summer, to be finished by the Winter. Hopefully this will take all the noise and disruption Music causes away from the Language and Geography departments and ease the stress some teachers experience when the music department decide to have drum practice.......

As well as this the remaining old science labs in the M block are going to be refurbished, with new desks, equipment and ActivBoards being fitted.

We also have information which suggests that further science expansion is planned with a possible extension to "existing science block" (to quote the planning application). As well as this planning application has been filed for renovations to the entranceway, to include a new pedestrian crossing.


With the final lists of teachers leaving now published, we can officially list all the teachers who will not be joining us in September. Some of them will be sorely missed, others not. You know who we mean, we're not allowed to spell it out any more than that.....

Goodbye to:

Mr Gukhool

Mr Riordan

Dr Canfield

Mr Wallace

Miss Roberts

Mr Gulston

Mrs Thomas

Mr McCarthy

Mrs Kitney

Mrs James (Exams Secretary)

Young Enterprise Success

The Rainham Mark Grammar Young Enterprise Team managed to win the Medway competition, the Kent competition and went through to the SER (South East Region) finals, where they did not manage to win, but got into the last eight.

This is the third year running we have won the Medway competition and this success is clearly due to dedication both from the students and Mrs Purcell who aided the team.