Poetry Corner: RESPECT (updated!)

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We saw that the year nines had come up with some beautiful poems based on the word "respect". Seeing how respectful the school were to their pupil's rights, we felt inspired to contribute.
Rights: what do we have?
Everyone has one sort of freedom:
Perhaps the school would take note?
Expulsion threats to those who speak
Can this be considered fair?
Truth will prevail

-- Overmark

And some sent in from our readers:

Retarded Education System, People Expect Conformance Today!

Really, there's nothing you can do
Even if you want to have fun
Sometimes lessons are just dull
People can't concentrate
End of lesson is a blessing
Come on, why can't we do something fun?

And here's some more we found, aren't they lovely?

Perhaps it's fun. I don't know.
Even if I did, would it matter?
Could it be as fun as cutting yourself open?
That'd be woodwork.

Read more books.
Science now!
Perpetual reading
Ever wanted to go and do something?
Could we have a discussion? Practical? Experiment?
Tough. You can't.