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No offence to the people who are planning a dance to bands such as "Sugababes" and "Girls Aloud", for the Rock 'n' Roll concert, but won't it be a bit tedious? Every year around 3/4 of the acts are by various groups of people dancing to various manufactured pop bands.
Wouldn't it be a whole lot funnier if people did "The Hokey Cokey" (there is a hilarious version by The Snowmen), "Aga Doo" or that cheesy "Superman" song (ski scchh... schh... comb your hair... spray... tsst tsst... SUPERMAN! Remember that one? OK then maybe not). I get fed up with these routine dances that seem soooooooo repetitive. I love a good ol' sing song, or maybe some cheesy golden oldies?!? (ABBA, WHAM and Elvis?)

At least the teachers notice this and dance around to the likes of "Bob the Builder." The PE staff have already impersonated Abba! This year, can we hope to see Dr Bit-David doing an Elvis impression or Mrs Hepburn doing a Madonna number? Perhaps Mr Decker will be Boy George and Mr Gascoyne will be Kylie Minogue (HE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY, LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!). Disney songs; they're fun! Imagine, someone is dressd as a pumpkin and someone else prancing about as the Fairy Godmother singing "Bibiddi Bobiddi Boo". The point is... let's have fun! We don't want more boring, routine dances!

So what do you think? Overmark wants to see The Darkness back this year, and some FAIR voting from the teacher panel. Last year The Darkness entry clearly deserved to win. If you have any other suggestions about this years Rock 'n' Roll show, please let us know.